Persistently better portfolios

Our holdings are significantly long-term. The expected life span for an investment is at least 5-6 years, often longer. Quality turns out to last over time and quality outperform the stock market in the long run.

Neox’s portfolios are based on three standard strategies; Europe, the Nordic countries and a mix of EU – US. On average, the portfolios contain 15 to 25 companies. According to our analysis this is the optimal portfolio size. If we were to expand the portfolios with more companies, the returns would be impacted.

The portfolios contain a wide range of industries. The focus is large companies to increase stability and facilitate trade. Based on the basic portfolios, you can customize your own portfolio at Neox. You choose industries, countries, opt in or out e.g. real estate, energy or in any way you want to prioritize your Neox portfolio.