Benefits of working with us

Your Portfolio, Your Control

At Neox, we prioritize transparency and control for each of our valued customers. When you invest with us, you maintain full visibility and authority over your Neox portfolio.

Safekeeping Your Assets

Your capital and holdings are securely held in your own custody account, hosted by the bank of your choice. This means that your assets remain under your ownership and control at all times, providing you with peace of mind. Neox Capital does not hold or control clients’ money.

Efficient Advice

Our day-to-day portfolio communication is conducted with precision. Neox conveys instructions, such as buy and sell orders, directly to you and your broker or account manager if you chose to do so. This seamless process ensures swift execution of your investment decisions.

Continuous Monitoring

To keep your investments on track and aligned with your goals, Neox maintains a mirror image of your portfolio in our systems. This allows us to continuously monitor your investments, assess performance, and calculate the next steps in providing you with expert advice. With Neox, your financial journey is marked by transparency, control and expert guidance, all working in harmony to help you achieve your investment objectives.

Equity Portfolios available to you

Standard Equity Portfolios: A Familiar Approach


Customised Equity Portfolios: Tailored to your needs

Our Customized Equity Portfolios

Customized Portfolio

Powered by technology – Neox iQ Neox Capital Invest-tech process. Offering the highest level of service from Neox Capital, Customised

Thematic Portfolio

Thematic investing provides investors with opportunities to invest in big ideas and themes that might span specific goals, sectors, or

ESG Portfolio

Neox Capital offer ESG Portfolio Advice that allows you to align your investments more closely with your own values. Sustainable