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Benefits of working with us

Your Portfolio, Your Control
At Neox, we prioritize transparency and control for each of our valued customers. When you invest with us, you maintain full visibility and authority over your Neox portfolio.

Safekeeping Your Assets

Your capital and holdings are securely held in your own custody account, hosted by the bank of your choice. This means your assets remain under your ownership and control at all times, providing you with peace of mind.

Efficient Management

Our day-to-day portfolio communication is conducted with precision. Neox conveys instructions, such as buy and sell orders, directly to you and your broker or account manager if you chose to do so. This seamless process ensures swift execution of your investment decisions.

Continuous Monitoring

To keep your investments on track and aligned with your goals, Neox maintains a mirror image of your portfolio in our systems. This allows us to continuously monitor your investments, assess performance,and calculate the next steps in providing you with expert advice.

With Neox, your financial journey is marked by transparency, control, and expert guidance, all working in harmony to help you achieve your investment objectives.

In the realm of equity portfolios, we have two distinct approaches: standard and customized. Standard equity portfolios are pre-packaged, exhibiting a well-defined strategy , while customized equity portfolios are meticulously tailored to individual investors’ unique financial goals, risk tolerance, and preferences.

Standard portfolios offer simplicity and convenience, providing broad market exposure. In contrast, customized portfolios prioritize precision, ensuring that investment decisions align with specific objectives.

As we explore these two approaches in more detail, you’ll gain insights into which one suits your investment journey best.

Standard Equity Portfolios: A Familiar Approach


Customised Equity Portfolios: Tailored to your needs

Standard equity portfolios are the bedrock of many investment strategies. They typically consist of active managed pre-structured collections of stocks, e.g. a region such as Europe, Europe & USA, or Nordics, a theme such as Health Care, following a predefined asset allocation model.

These portfolios aim to provide broad exposure to the equity markets, allowing investors to participate in the overall growth of the stock market. While they offer simplicity and convenience, they may not always align perfectly with an individual’s unique financial objectives and risk tolerance.

Personalized investment strategies crafted based on individual goals and preferences. Offers great flexibility and precision in investment decisions.

For instance, factors considered include investment horizon, income requirements, risk appetite, and ethical considerations.

We continuously aligns every element of the portfolio with individual financial objectives and preferences. Customization extends to asset allocation, stock selection, risk management, and regular reviews.

Customized Portfolio

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Powered by technology – Neox iQ Neox Capital Invest-tech process. Offering the highest level of service from Neox Capital, Customised

Thematic Portfolio

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Thematic investing provides investors with opportunities to invest in big ideas and themes that might span specific goals, sectors, or

ESG Portfolio

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Neox Capital offer ESG Portfolio Advice that allows you to align your investments more closely with your own values. Sustainable


Stock picking Advice

Neox run its stock screening tool every day, looking through 5000 listed companies. Fundamental as well as market data is analysed. The result of this extensive data chrunching is an equity portfolio that we recommend to our clients. We can easily put in the cilents own restrictions,thesholds, and preferences into the screeing process resulting in tailormade advice.

Funds and Asset Managers

Neox advice is used as in-put into Funds and Asset Managers stock selection in Europe. Financial
institutions may use Neox advice to power their products (white labeling). The stock selection is
then adapted to fit each products preferred characteristics and goals.


Neox can advice different Certificates on a customized basis. A certificate can follow a specific strategy, such as “High Dividend” or “Low Volatility” or be thematic in nature as in a “Renweable Engergy” theme. Further, it could also be possible to reduce market risk by constructing a market neutral certificate. A hedge is then applied to any strategy with index futures 1:1. This would isolate Neox stock advice alpha. Designated certificates could be set up can be done from 1-2m EUR
depending on the strategy.

A certificate wil be set up with a bank or on SPV as issuer. The certificate will have its own ISIN code and can be listed on exchange in Europe if needed.