Neox analysis and client relation

Neox A) analyse major listed companies in Europe and the US daily. Based on 282 parameters per company, Neox selects the best value companies based on quality, value (price) and movement (momentum).

Each customers’ B) Neox portfolio is adviced on their custody account in their bank of choice. Preferably on a sub custody account, where the portfolio can be evaluated continuously. Neox is responsible for the C) ongoing portfolio advice.

Satisfied customers

Our portfolios show steady and strong return regardless of region, industry and time period. On average, we perform better than the stock market 66% of the trading days, 75% of the quarters and 100% of the last 9 years.

In addition, we show particularly strong return when the stock market is weak. In weak markets we outperform the stock market by an average of 1.5% units per month.

We do also gain ground during surging stock markets. Then we outperform the stock market by 0.7% units per month on average. Our portfolios thus have outperformed the stock market on average by 1.07% units per month during the last 9 years.