For us, an ordinary investment process is not enough, so we decided to go the extra mile and employ a flexible, innovative and intuitive approach to investing with a variety of factors, strategies and objectives. Our core strategy focuses on identifying undervalued high quality companies. This is evident in our preference for long-only portfolios in publicly traded firms. The duration of our holdings is inclined towards medium to long-term, ensuring optimal capital appreciation and risk mitigation. Our coverage encompasses some of worlds biggest markets, Europe and US, to capture a broad spectrum of investment prospects.

Our approach is grounded in research, ensuring that our investment advice is both data-driven and research-backed. Research gives us the insight and continuous improvement of our investment models. Our team diligently analyzes all aspects of investment. Area of interest covers different quantitative and qualitative indicators and their impact to individual stocks, groups of peers and portfolios. We are exploring innovative methods to analyze market trends and develop sophisticated active portfolio management strategies. We are constantly striving to improve and provide best possible service to our clients.

One of crucial parts of our research is understanding key information stored within data points. Given the ever-increasing volume of data, it is imperative that we carefully manage noise in data to avoid reaching erroneous conclusions that would lead to more unpredictable performance. As part of our research, we have developed tailored data pipelines to remove noise from data to enable better analysis. Those pipelines are used in our daily operations within Neox iQ system which monitors our live portfolios.

Noise everywhere around us

Noise in our opinion exists as two-fold problem. Firstly, noise represents all random information added to base signal (in our case time series) in communication channel, resulting in false interpretation. Secondly, noise represents unwanted interference of other external sources, like hype, incorrect ideas and analyses.

Noise obscures the trend and shifts the focus away from the most essential. We are continuously developing our data pipelines to de-noise the data in order to gain useful insights into the relationships between data points.

Neox IQ