At Neox Capital, we are committed to fully aligning with the MFSA’s Corporate Governance Code published in 2022. Our framework rests on following key pillars: 


  1. Strategic Oversight: Our Board of Directors (BoD) assumes ultimate responsibility for the company, overseeing strategic objectives, risk strategies, and internal governance.
  2. Financial Integrity: The BoD ensures the integrity of our accounting and financial reporting systems, compliance with laws, and operational controls.
  3. Disclosure and Communication: Oversight on disclosure processes and effective communication strategies falls under the purview of our BoD. 
  4. Management Oversight: Providing effective oversight of senior management is a crucial responsibility of our BoD.
  5. Ongoing Evaluation: The BoD continually monitors and assesses the effectiveness of our governance arrangements, taking steps to rectify any shortcomings. The compliance and risk officers also evaluate the company’s corporate governance effectiveness as part of their monitoring. 
  6. Regular Reporting: Written reports from management are received at least annually, covering various business aspects, ensuring remedial measures are taken when needed.
  7. Risk Management: Approving and reviewing risk management strategies and policies to mitigate potential exposures is a priority for our BoD.
  8. Compliance Assurance: Empowering the compliance officer with necessary authority, and access to information while maintaining objectivity in remuneration is a key directive. Our compliance officer ensures quarterly updates on regulatory reporting, facilitating comprehensive oversight by our Board of Directors (BoD) to meet these obligations.
  9. Conflict Resolution: Maintaining a conflicts of interest policy and a dedicated register managed by the Compliance Officer is part of our commitment to ethical practices.
  10. Breach Management: Keeping a register of breaches to regulatory conditions and applicable investment rules, including recommendations from regulatory inspections, is a part of our compliance strategy.
  11. Sustainable Finance: Continuously assessing the relevance of sustainable finance to our operations and implementing suitable ESG policies wherever applicable is our ongoing commitment. For more details see our SFDR disclosure document.


At Neox Capital, we take pride in our commitment to sound corporate governance practices, ensuring transparency, accountability, and ethical conduct in all our operations.  

We adhere to Maltese reporting standards, centralized within our regulatory register maintained by the compliance officer. Our commitment extends to a robust regulatory reporting policy, delineating our adherence to these requirements, involving company officers and third parties, as applicable, in each reporting process. 


Neox Capital stands by transparent and diligent compliance with regulatory reporting, ensuring the highest standards of accountability and adherence to legal requirements.