Investment flow

A) Neox continuously notifies the customer or the client’s account manager of current allocations.
B) Each portfolio customer has their Neox portfolio in their custody account at their regular bank, on a dedicated custody account.
C) Neox is responsible for day-to-day supervision and evaluation of the companies included in the portfolio.

On your own account

Your portfolio is supervised by Neox directly on your own account, with your bank or broker. This means that you have full transparency, every day.

When allocations are made to the portfolio, you and your account manager/executing venue will receive a buy and sales list (Trade Ticket) and clear trade instructions. We change about 2 out of 20 companies per year.

Our personal and close service means that we offer our portfolio management service to customers who manage more than EUR 2,5 million.
For savers and investors with lesser investment needs, we offer other solutions.